The Blue Aeroplanes - Streamers lyrics

You had a boy I had a girlfriend.
We wound it round our heads and left it there.
We pressed into the floor with
your lovers in the room, you
fell and fell, I heard the sound of slamming doors.
I knew we had it all, you wanted more.

You know I don't mean it, who does?
I know you don't love me, who would
pick me up and tie me like some cool thread?

We're streamers, we've been graded,
we're not young, we're not old.
That, you've decided. Let it go ...

I missed the answer to the question I forgot I asked.

You looked at me with those girls, reading their
book of the days, they had these jewelled belts
I had a blurry future,
they had a big lit-up past
we got so mad we could be someone else
we got so tired there could be nothing left

You can change the lock and throw the key
but it won't keep you away from me,
empty these thoughts right now, clear them out

We're streamers ...