The Blue Aeroplanes - Spitting Out Miracles lyrics

Get it into your head
There's no more, and that's a fact

We're trying to engage in other pursuits
Wilder moments
And better versions of the act

I've seen you dressed in armour
I've seen you get undressed
I know I shouldn't want to possess you, but should you want to be

Ah, that slightly hoarse laugh
Too much whisky and cigarettes
Recalling every line in detail
Bar none
Come complete with awkward pauses

Say no more, I can manage it

I can manage it, but just can't imagine it

Treat it as a good thing
Just remember that it's gone
Not only that
But remember it was unsuitable and wrong

True love is just a big absence, and nothing to ask for
Remember there's no music, but music is yours
With our daily checks on fortune how can we believe,
Believe in anything else?

Say goodbye to tripping out your old dreams.

Hey, let's discover what it's all about
Let's drink up each other
In the guise of 'going out'

Spitting out miracles