The Blue Aeroplanes - Sixth Continent lyrics

Dollar boy and biscuit girl
mix worlds. I'm included,
I'm honoured. Where's the premise?
that birds fly home
and death's roost is right here.
We make a trinity and jump.
Right, that's our pyramid, there, fixed.

Then I met Scully and the Green man
with his six children,
one for each eight weeks.
We dring healths and star the hunt up
amid the usual ceremonies.
You can see us there, jumping

One day I was foxed and caught,
became a plough.
Driven to work, I shaped
the fields to say land.
Do crops grew but the marks are there,
to your right hand and very bright

Driven at last across
the whole country, I was a trace
of lines, past mines and villages,
I was a map of the new.
Some of us are routes,
some destinations, some turned to
self-defeating circles,
but I'm a new constellation to learn.

There's something in the way of that star,
The light doesn't get here.

We was
kick step tailed and sierra balled
that high!
was never worn down
or worn out - here's why

was up all day night
weekend trip union

was gloved honey
was I

were you?

Bomb goddess mulch kitten
& letter child

was never stood up
or stood down
that wild!

was always out gone
far around and there

was quick honey
was I

were you?

was emptied and destined
sent cared and determined

was never put down
or put out
that early!

was kept sealed