The Blood Brothers - Summer Sequence lyrics

Narrator There's a few bob in your pocket And you've got good friends, And it seems that summer's never coming to an end Young, free and innocent, you haven't got a care, Apart from decidin' on the clothes you're gonna wear. The street's turned into paradise, The radio's singing dreams You're innocent, immortal, you're just fifteen. And who'd dare tell the lambs in spring What fate the later seasons bring Who'd tell the girl in the middle of the pair The price she'll have to pay for just being there.
But leave them alone, let them go and play They care not for what's at the end of the day For what is to come, for what might have been Life has no ending when you're sweet sixteen And your friends are with you to talk away the night Or until mrs wong switches off the chippy light Then there's always the corner And the street lamp's glare An' another hour to spend, with your friends, with her, To share your last cigarette and your secret dream
At the midnight hour...

... at seventeen
It's just another ferry boat, a trip to the beach But everything's possible, The world's within your reach An' you don't even notice the broken bottles in the sand The oil in the water and you can't understand How living could be anything other than a dream When you're young, free and innocent...

... and just eighteen.
And only if the three of them could stay like that forever, And only if we could predict no changes in the weather And only if we didn't live in life, as well as dreams And only if we could stop and be forever, Just eighteen.