The Blasters - Dark Night lyrics (Chinese translation). | hot air hangs like a dead man
, from a white oak tree
, people sitting on porches
, thinking how...
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The Blasters - Dark Night (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: hot air hangs like a dead man
ZH: 热空气悬喜欢一个死人

EN: from a white oak tree
ZH: 从白橡木树

EN: people sitting on porches
ZH: 坐在门廊上的人

EN: thinking how things used to be
ZH: 思考如何的东西用于将

EN: dark night
ZH: 漆黑的夜晚

EN: dark night
ZH: 漆黑的夜晚

EN: the neighborhood was changing
ZH: 附近正在发生变化

EN: strangers moving in
ZH: 在中移动的陌生人

EN: a new boy fell for a local girl
ZH: 新来的男孩爱上了一个本地的女孩

EN: when she made eyes at him
ZH: 当她在他所作的眼睛

EN: she was young and pretty
ZH: 她是年轻和漂亮

EN: no stranger to other men
ZH: 对其他男子不陌生

EN: but doors were being locked at night
ZH: 但门被锁在晚上

EN: old lines were drawn again
ZH: 再次绘制了旧线

EN: (Chorus)
ZH: (合唱)

EN: I thought things like that
ZH: 我以为事情像这样

EN: didn't matter anymore
ZH: 再也不重要

EN: I thought all the blood
ZH: 我以为所有的血液

EN: had been shed long ago
ZH: 已经很久以前棚

EN: dark night
ZH: 漆黑的夜晚

EN: dark night
ZH: 漆黑的夜晚

EN: he took her to the outskirts
ZH: 他把她带到郊外

EN: and pledged his love to her
ZH: 并向她保证他的爱

EN: they thought it was their secret
ZH: 他们认为这是他们的秘密

EN: but someone knew where they were
ZH: 但有人知道他们在哪里

EN: he held her so close
ZH: 他抱着她那么近

EN: he asked about her dreams
ZH: 他询问了她的梦想

EN: there was a shot from a passing car
ZH: 有一针从路过的汽车

EN: and the young girl screamed
ZH: 和年轻女孩尖叫

EN: (repeat chorus)
ZH: (重复合唱)