The Black Sorrows - Walkin' Like A Drownin' Man lyrics

Went down to the river
To wash my face and hands
I crawled out from the ocean
To kneel upon the sand
They made me walk on water
Then they sank the Promised Land
Yes I'm all the way from Babylon
Walkin' like a drownin' man

I looked out at the city
From high upon the hill
Babylon was burnin'
There was nothin' left to kill
They robbed me in the alley
Then they gambled for my bones
Yes I'm all the way from Babylon
How come you never telephone?

Well, I'm standin' at your front door
While you were crawlin' out your window
I'm stumblin' in my footsteps
Punchin' in my shadows
But if you want me dead and buried
You're gonna have to catch me down the road

You can take the world by strategy
Take the world by storm
For a pocket full of silver
You can buy it stone by stone
I saw you on the TV
Wearin' nothin' but a hat
You know anywhere in Babylon
I can see somebody doin' that

(J. Camilleri J. Griffin – Mushroom Music Publishing Control)