The Black Sorrows - Mystery Ship lyrics

That's the way the cold wind blows
Devours the night and withers a rose
I got a ticket, a one way trip
On board the mystery ship

All the things that used to hold me in check
Good friends who stopped me riskin my neck
I'll keep em guessin, give em all the slip
Take the mystery ship

This time I'm in too deep
Little flower go on back to sleep
You've been tender, cute and kind
The only gentle thing I'm leavin behind

Mud soaks into railroad tracks
Dawn breaks and a mirror cracks
Forgive me baby while I loosen my grip
I'm on the mystery ship

This time I've gone too far
Little flower stay where you are
There's a tiny flaw in every plan
I know you'll understand

That's the way the old story ends
Turn the heat up it finally bends
I'm gonna miss you cuttin down the strip
Out on the mystery ship
I got a one way trip
On board the mystery ship