The Black Sorrows - Crazy 'Bout The Way You Move lyrics

All out of cigarettes
And cheap whiskey too
Can't tell no more
If it's night black
Or mornin' blue
So I'll slide the needle
Right back in the groove
Crazy 'bout the way you move

Love's a game they say
We crossed that line
You were playful
Most of the time
Now there's nothin'
Left here to prove
Crazy 'bout the way you move

Some days a storm can blow good fortune
Just let it take you for a ride
Can't you feel your body sinkin'
Swept along with the tide

Life sure is sweet
If you slow it down
Lights even glitter
On the wrong side of town
Spill your life story
I won't disapprove
Crazy 'bout the way you move

(J. Camilleri N. Smith – Mushroom Music Publishing Warner Chappell)