The Be Good Tanyas - Horses lyrics

Oh, "Cold Southern Morning"
The "Sun Dun Rose" – "There You Go", oh yeah
And "I'll Say" – and "I'll Say," yeah
"No Other Way" – the "Hunger," oh yeah

Oh, "Son Of Light"
"Now Come Inside," "My Lazy Girl"
And "So, You Finally Know", oh yeah
The "Hunger," the "Hunger"

A "Cold Knight," "I'll Turn Around" –
"Now Hurry" into the "Fire Of The Sun,"
The "Fury Of Cain,"
The "Sunlight," the "Sunlight"

Oh, "Come and Go" – oh come
And "Lend Your Spark" – the "Time Is Of The Sun"
"You Shouldn't Fly" – you fly
And "Hurry So" when you're "Flyin' Home"
(. . .home. . . , home. . . , home. . .)