The Backyardigans - Splat lyrics

The Splatter-Paint Flamenco (Tyrone, Pablo, Uniqua and Austin)
T: Splat, dribble, split, splat, splot!
U: The paint is flying everywhere and there's an awful lot
A: That guard has got the brush, he's making such a mess
P: He wants to paint a trap for us, that's what I would guess
T: Splat, dribble, slip, slap, slop!
P: It's raining reds and blues in here, when's it going to stop?
U: Better keep moving before the paint is dry
A: He's really rather clever, this security guy
T: Splat, dribble, splat, splort, splart! I'd say that for an amateur, I'm pretty good at art
U: His shading isn't subtle, his line is kind of weak
T: But my bold use of color is daring and unique! Splat, dribble, drip, drop, drip!
P: We gotta keep on moving, give this guy the slip
U: You think he's getting tired? You think he's getting faint?
A: No, but even better, he's running out of paint
T: Splat, dribble, drip, drop, drip! Drip, drop, dribble, drip, drip, splat!