The Axis Of Awesome - Why Aren't Lasers Doing Cool Shit? lyrics

Two thousand and X, The future, The digital age,
3D TV, Google, a Microwave Oven, The future

Twenty thousand songs in the palm of my hand
A world of information on demand
I cool myself with a blade-less fan
A black man is president, Yes We Can

Come so far, climbed so high
Tamed the lands and the sky
But no matter what secrets our scientists find I'm still dissatisfied
So tell me

Where are all the lasers?
Why don't we use them more?
Just in dental care, removing excess hair
Don't try to tell me that's what we made them for

Why aren't lasers doing cool shit?
Technology has let us down
Why aren't lasers doing cool shit?
They're supposed to shoot from guns and make a Pew Pew sound

I've seen them in the movies, They're awesome when they zap
But lasers in reality are really kind of crap
They're being used in medicine to fix peoples eyes
When proper laser vision should be used to vaporize

Lasers can make a difference, They make a blind man see
But if they can't yield a crystal laser shield
Someone please tell me what good is it to me?

Why aren't lasers doing cool shit?
So what for burning DVD's
Why aren't lasers doing cool shit?
I'd rather use a laser to burn my enemies

Don't waste a lasers time fixing your eyes when you should be putting lasers in your eyes so you can shoot lasers from your eyes from your laser eyes to laserize your laser eyes, Your eyes are lasers

Laser Solo!

Check out our lasers doing cool shit
Hey science look at we've done
We paid top dollar for this cool shit
I hope you jerks are having fun

Why aren't lasers doing cool shit?
Why aren't we making laser ships and swords
Why aren't lasers doing cool shit?
Why aren't we lasering the evil alien hordes

Sometimes a laser is it's own reward