The Axis Of Awesome - Use By '97 lyrics

There's orange walls and a checkered floor
The place is dusty and dirty
An asian lady is stacking the shelves
A bottle of coke is a $1.30

A poster above the register
Tells me to munch on Muncheros
It's been there so long it's faded and blue
Like a papyrus from the tombs of the Pharohs

Warheads and Pogs and Ghostbuster cards
Kablooies and Pixie Sticks
How long have they had this stock
The shop that's stuck in 1996

The family that works here lives out the back
They migrated here from Hong Kong
Nothing has a used by date
it's been here for that long

I buy a rusty can of Tab
she hands me my change with a smile
It's full of 1 and 2 cent coins
She's been counting it out for a while

A Dunhill poster
And old dim sims
A limited edition Twix
How do they stay in business
The shop that's stuck in 1996

MMMMmmmm Chiko Rolls
MMMMmmmm Simpsons Ice-cream
MMMMmmmm Push Pops
It's like I'm stuck in a weird 90's dream

There's products and prices from my youth
All at this mysterious store
I hurried home to tell my friends
To come with me and explore

But when we got back to the shop
we found that it didn't exist
Well maybe they cut their loses
And headed back to 1996

Yeah maybe they cut their loses
And headed back to 1996

I said they headed for greener pastures
And went back to 1996