The Axis Of Awesome - Election 07 Rap Battle lyrics

My fellow Australians, I got something to say,
Im the man for the job, come election day.
I'll hit Rudd for six, I got all the tricks,
I'm the primest minister in Aussie politics.

I've been here since '96, and im doing swell,
I take care of the young, and the old as well,
From the city to the surf, to the R.S.L.
What up my Diggers?

Opposition in the House of Representatives. (Represent)

Now make way for me, I'm the R-U-double-D,
I'm the flyest mother-rudder that you ever did see.
I listen to your voices, you making all them noises,
You say you didn't like it, so I'm rolling back Work Choices.
(Is it power you'll seize?)
I'll crush Howard with ease.
Now sit back, relax, while i speak Chinese.

(Mr Rudd), Call me Kevin, 'cause i'll rock you in'07,
If we fizzle, take a snizzle, I'll be back in '011.
I'm manna sent from Heaven for the ALP,
Howard, you're a coward, I'm the R-U-double-D.

Aww, Mr Rudd, you're a dud!
Ladies say that i'm a stud!
They were paid to say that bud!
Well, you look like Elmer Fudd or Mr Sheen.(That's MEAN, I work hard to keep floors clean!)

This battle's jus startin',
I'm Ray Martin.
Let's see who's got the policies,
To be the next.... Edmund Barton?
Im Ray Martin.

M the battler from Bennelong,
The PM you depend upon.
I'll keep your mortgage down,
(If you're marginal he'll spend a bomb.)
It isn't wrong to think I give a damn about the nation
I'm here to do a job.
(Did i mention i speak Asian?)

A one trick wonder, Kevin-bloody-Rudd.
You're wife screwed all her workers,
Now you're name in Canberra's "Mudd".

I'm an old-skool player, newest of the new.
If Latham couldn't hack it, I'll see the party through.

Hell, ill get this party started with a comeback that's cathartic.
(Its been years, but it appears,
Labor's winning, Im ray Martin.)

Im a contender, always coming from the back.
You're a pretender, now it's time, to pack.
Get out of Kiribilli.
It was cute but now it's silly.
I'm about to set up shop,
With Garrett, Swan and Gilly.

Peter you want to take over!?

Howard's gone, now im your fellow.
Prepare for a regime that's quite mellow.
I wear ties that are coloured yellow.
That's 'cause im Peter Costello -ello -ello -ay -ay -ay,
I'm Peter Costello -ello -ello -ay -ay -ay.
Yeah, Peter Costello...
...budget surplus... yeah my yellow tie...