The Awkward Stage - We're Going For A Ride lyrics

Take me for a ride, she said its time
The queen of heavy sighs takes back the night
And cowering Olympians unite
Let me hitch a ride, I think you'll find
I'm angry and I lie, but I'm your guy
A cowering inferno set alight, powering a pirate satellite
Were going for a ride
Make it nice and easy now and no one ends up dead
Make it nice and easy now or there will be bloodshed
you've had the wheel all morning did you hear me when I said,
Make it nice and easy or I'll put one in your head
The new way has arrived to shift the tide
The rules of ebb and flow, they're on our side
I'm putting all traditions well aside
I'm bottling munitions deep inside
'Till every dinosaur is on its side
and every elder in formaldehyde
Were going for a ride, were going for a ride