The Autumn Offering - Misery lyrics

So many times
Fucked up
Been stuck
Too many lies
To keep locked up
I've made these mistakes
For that I'll pay
You wait and see
Self destruction
Seems to be
The only way

The truth are lies in me
Anger leads misery
I'll try so hard to
Change from day to day
Falling back is all I know

This book
Is broken upon
The time of death
Is chosen
Falling down
No turning back now
I've tried so hard
Through the years
I tried so hard
But only failed

Feels like I'm always
Stuck in here
My mind this hell
I feel it's time
To make a change
This time we'll see
I'll say to you
Don't hold your breath
Don't hold your breath
You will regret

I've made an attempt
For that I should
Make a change
Self destruction lies
I know what you want
I cannot be what you want