The Arcane Order - Breathe The Poison lyrics

In clouds above vultures are circling the sky
Waiting to feast on the remnants of your mind
Your mind is a place in which all demons dwell
Haunting your soul imprisoned in this hell

You tremble with fear
As you walk the barren lands
The world seems like an empty place as you reach out your hand
Sombre truth
Awakens you
A rush of blood runs through your head and you feel the world
So cold

All is said all words seem obsolete
The path is long the path is dark and obscene
The will to live the lust for life has decayed
In a soulless state slowly devoured day by day

Swallow your pride
Forget the rigid past
You are your own worst enemy bound to fail at last
Lick the wounds
Erase the pain
The twisted riddles in your head leave you with
No hope

Breathe the poison
Breathe it in
Let it burn under your skin
Breathe the poison
Breathe it in
Let it be your final sin

Cries from within echoes in your mind
Like the undead you walk the earth leaving life behind

Reeking your fear
As the end draws near
You will be punished for your mistakes and for your bitter lies
Embrace your doom
Take the final breath
Your shattered existence takes your life and buries you

Repeat chorus