The Angels Of Light - His Entropic Highness lyrics

The drunken man is a stupid, self-deluded fallacy.
Now fucked by three dogs: Bitter loss, arrogance, and jealousy.
With brittle claws, we scrathed familiar walls for our dusty food.
But you nurtured me, and I kissed your broken fingers and their calloused grooves.
Now i am rising up into the melting yellow-red sun.
My body is color bleeding, returning to the place where all colors will burn.
I need to be burned, burned by your delicate hand.
Beneath your white trasparent skin, I need to be there with you now.
I need to be there with you now, I need to breathe you in.
Beneath your clear forgiving gaze, to finalize the pain.
Though I could never compensate, for the wounds that I have made,
for the violence I create, for the trust that I betrayed - I need to be there with you now.