The Amazing BrandO - Any Day lyrics

I've got you wrapped around my finger
I've got you down on your knees
I could use you for pleasure
I could make you say please

Nothing I ever do can equal what you put me through, and that's all right
I could let you know; instead, I think I'll let it go
I'll be fine

When the ones you love forget to love you back, I'll be there
When all the hearts you've pushed away come to shove you back, I'll be there

And I don't know where you want me to be
And it took me forever and ever and ever and ever and ever to realize you're not the best whore
I've done better
I'd ____ myself before I'd ____ you
Any day

Cry for the ones that get through this alive
It's just a matter of time
Die, just as long as you prove it inside
God is no alibi