The Age Of Electric - Rainbow Tongue lyrics

And thankless sungheroes drive-by
Highway art, lava rock rain down
Stuck me in stone, ID no more than belief
Imagine us for 4 on Rushmore
From rivers to ruts the umbilical's cut
Filet of my soul and my courage cap is ready to blow
Sounds so good
The ring of brass
Over the crack of bone
I have heard through your rainbow tongue
It don't remove the sting
And the devil was a nun I seduced till first sun
Chewed up and spit out from ill thought to good will
From wild dreams to a room full of screams
My courage jar is open
Please do remember me too
Your missionary in your pilgrim shoes
And a blanket of green glass covers cold eyes
And the stars shut out bright skies
And the simple are saved their idle minds
Not thirsty and I'll take to my resolution
I can't bury