The Adventures Of Duane And BrandO - Onett-Titanic Ant-Captain Strong lyrics

This is my 'hood, bitch, try and get past.
I am the Titanic Ant, I'm whoopin' your ass.
This is my Sanctuary Location, go home.
Before I'm tearin' the flesh, straight off of your bones.
Titanic; but I can't be sunk.
If you think you're gettin' past kid, you've gotta be drunk!
Get the fuck out of here, you fuckin' punk.
Flunk somewhere else, while I'm layin' down my funk.

This ain't no ant farm bitch, take this cracked bat.
I'll splinter up your face with it, how you like that?
I got this PSI rockin' fuckin' feel these rhymes!
From my mouth to your ear drums, blowin' ya mind.

From my fist to your face, I'm hittin' ya in your-.

I don't think so, tough guy!
Need to fill up my sound stone, your melody's mine.
Step aside; I see puppies in my mind.
Beat you down with my bat, PSI you from behind!

I guess we'll call it a draw, kid...
...Even though I did better than y'all did.
You can pass if you want, just please don't cry!

I made it to Giant Step and didn't even try!

What are you doin' here?! You're under arrest!
You think you're tough kid? Take on five of my best.
Okay sir, but you gotta open the gate if I do!
Deputy Johnson?
Yes sir?
Take this punk to school.
Yes sir.
Check out my Nuclear Suplex attack!
Are you jokin'?!
You're goin' down little boy!
What the hell are you smokin'?
Ouch, I give up! Pick on this guy instead!
Don't let the Mayor give you a big head!
I'm out of here, that looks like it's smarts!
Check out my, Super Ultra Mambo Tango Fox Trot Martial Arts!
I'm the Captain, and I'm strong. That's why I'm Captain Strong!
If you think you're gettin' past me, well... you're wrong!
I don't think so sir, you're gonna open the gate! (No!)
I gotta make it to Twoson!
Looks like you're gonna be late!
Sir the doughnuts are here!
Uhm... I can't believe I'm losin'!
Yes sir?
Open the gate to Twoson!