That 1 Guy - One lyrics

Of all the dirt that we dug, I think my favorite was the mud
Of all the wine that we drank, I think my favorite was the blood
Of all the bombs that we lit, I think my favorite was the dud
Of all the things that we chew, I think my favorite was the cud

Of the cow, like that time
When we lie, to and fro
Hope to throw, tables turn
Books that burn, heard the shine
Tilt the wheel, hold the hand
Cop a feel, close the deal
Like that time, turpentine
When we lied, to and fro

Of all the banks that we robbed, I think my favorite one was mine
Of all the bushes that burned, the ones I like hock why's in kind
Of all the toys that we smashed, I think I like the ones that wind
Of all the beotches we pimp slapped, I like the one's that did not mind

Over matter, your head on a platter
Put the bread in the battery acid
Don't I scream "Conney island"
On a sunny side down
To the water your cell me your daughter
Or plot a new course on a horse
With no name, dropping pill
Popping son of a beotch
The bug bites make me eotch

Of all the trees that we hugged, I think I liked the ones that died
Of all the buts that we grabbed, I remember only the wide ones
Of all the whales that we beached, you chose to blame it on the tide
Of all the forks that we stole, just to jab each other's eyes

Of the shape, of the smoke
Of the pain, of the pipe
Twist and turn, records burn
Melting wax, melting hype
Heard the change, deep exchange
Burning down, turning ripe
Of the shape, of the smoke
Of the pain, of the pipe