Tha Joker - Slight Work (2014)

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Tha Joker - Slight Work lyrics

[Hook: Tha Joker / Raven Felix] x 2
Slight Work
Slight Work
The work so slight the weed so light
But it ain't mud, you cut to bright

[Verse: Tha Joker]
Look at my fanta
It's discolored from the liquids I pour
You niggas holdin hoes for random
I never did that before
She acrobatic for the ones that ain't automatic
She nyphomatic nasty while we in traffic
Stick shift confessions
Visually loud
I'm shining in your vicinity
I'm thanking God amen for my amenities
Listen b
If u got them dollars baby
I talk money when they speak to me it's figuratively
I want 7...2 deci
Yo bitch with set a trap for Joe Pesci
Kush is my cologne so I never scream like Macauley
You at home alone while she serving us like a volley
We never slow to draw
But you ain't even quick to doodle
My nigga pushin pounds he got more bows than a caboodles
Yo baby mama face is where I practice for my toaster strudel
Come up in this kitchen
I'll use a toaster to cook your noodle
Nevertheless the meal is done
A few weeks for the deal is done
Might just call them mothafuckas back
Say I don't need me one
Sold a half a million iTunes
Ain't get a plaque for shit
And bitch it don't affect a nigga none
Cuz I ain't ask for this
I work for dis
Ain't nobody gave me a dime
You gotta twerk for dis
Fuck u in the shower butt naked and it's curtainless
Ask me can I serve her in her cervix I said certainly
Pussy be so tight its like yeen even birth with this
Pussy get so wet I have a hard time surfacing
She make it shake for me when she high thats turbulence
Lyrically I'm in my own lane
So don't ask my why I don't rap like your favorite rapper
Coldest and I been this
I fear two things that's God
And commitment
See Lil Gutta posted wit that 30
That's horrendous
Mentally conditioned

Ok, mentally conditioned
Blunts before the arbitration
Money so old
Scientists can carbondate it
Bad bitch got me on gargoyle
The crazy Gurl said I hit her thyroid
This shit so hard it's a hemmaroid
My nigga got the extend with a low recoil
Stroking on ya main like she a old keyboard
Watched all the videos but she just had to see more
Now she keep my music in her ear like a kiloid
I'm grind
Because I'm able
Im lean
Like I'm disabled
I'm still puffin vapors
But no
Bitch don't clap for me and I don't need your salutation
The hoes diggin me and I'm planning a excavation
I dig
Talkin bout she wanted me to slide so I slid
Snakes in up my grass
So I cut every single sprig

[Hook: Tha Joker / Raven Felix] x 2
Slight Work
Slight Work
The work so slight the weed so light
But it ain't mud, you cut to bright