Th' Legendary Shack Shakers - The Cb Song lyrics

I said a-little honey bunny tell me what's your 20
I got my rabbit ears on and I wanna get chummy
Yeah you're a speed-freakin' demon blow my back doors off, Lord
But if you ain't gettin on then I ain't gettin off
Well I'm 10-4, 10-8 an' I got the 10-36
Yes, I'd like to stick around and get my miniskirt kicks, hey
C'mon, C'mon cut yer radidio on
I'm in the hammer down lane steppin' all alone
You pass your steady-rollin' buddy from the Guitar Town
I'll raise hell on wheels & knock the slack right out
C'mon perty baby, why don'tcha cut em on
Yer diesel-drivin' daddy's gonna get real gone, hey

Well my CB sweetie just put her big ears on
Her Rattletrap papa's who her handle's on
She knew I wasn't no Smokey with an X-ray gun
Now she's in my bottle-popper all ready to run
Well, she's my li'l lot-lizrd but she don't shed her skin
She just skins the cat when my big rigger rolls in.