Tesla - Modern Day Cowboy lyrics (Chinese translation). | Stormy night under jet black skies Billy pulls into town
, Thunder rolls and the lightning bolts...
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Tesla - Modern Day Cowboy (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Stormy night under jet black skies Billy pulls into town
ZH: 下喷黑风雨之夜的天空比利拉扯到镇

EN: Thunder rolls and the lightning bolts come crashin' to the ground
ZH: 闪电和雷声滚滚螺栓来颠到地上

EN: Cold as ice, heart of stone, as he walks into the room
ZH: 冷如冰,心中的石头,作为他走进房间

EN: With another man who was feeling the same way, all hell is breakin' loose
ZH: 与另一个男人感觉相同的方式,所有的地狱伤了松

EN: [Chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]

EN: bang bang, shoot 'em all, I said bang bang, blow you away
ZH: 砰砰,开枪把他们都,我说,轰隆轰隆,你大开眼界

EN: It's a showdown in the no man's land, for the cowboy of the modern day
ZH: 它是在无人之地的现代天牛仔的摊牌

EN: Come sundown, don't be hangin' round, 'cos the cowboy'll blow you away
ZH: 来日落,不吊轮,' 因为牛仔就会把你吹走

EN: Al Capone and bad boy jones on the wrong side of the law
ZH: Al Capone 和坏男孩琼斯法的另一边

EN: Johnny Dee and his company, always first to the draw, fataly fa ta ly
ZH: 约翰尼 · 迪和他公司,总是首先以平局,fataly fa ta ly

EN: tryin take my Billy's share
ZH: 试着去拿我比利的份额

EN: 'Cos all they saw was ruin it all the scent of blood was in the air
ZH: ' 因为他们看到的是废墟的血液的所有气味都是空气中

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Solo]
ZH: [独奏]

EN: So here we are and we've come this far but it's only getting worse
ZH: 所以我们在这里和我们来这远也只会更糟

EN: Foreign lands with terrorist demands only cause is to hurt
ZH: 外国土地与恐怖主义分子的要求唯一的原因就是伤害

EN: The USA the USSR with their six guns to their sides
ZH: 美国苏联与他们到他们双方的六枪

EN: I see their message written on the wall too much anger deep inside
ZH: 我看到他们的墙上写太多内心深处的愤怒的消息

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: It's a showdown, yeah yeah yeah, ohh
ZH: 它是摊牌的时候,是是,