Terrorgruppe - No Airbags For The Csu lyrics

At the meeting
Was nothing special going on
But south german wine brought comfort
They left the parliament building
Totally drunk
And fell asleep at the steering wheel
No Airbags for the CSU !
Big party meeting and speeches to yawn
This is the reason why beer ran constantly
Then they went home
In their brand new cars
And drove into a ditch
No Airbags for the CSU
And for the FDP and CDU.
For the SPD, too.
No Airbags for the CSU !
Election campaigns
Till early in the morning
Assisted by tens of booze
The way home was driven
Much more aggressive
The mayer ended up crashing into a tree
With champaign and cognac
We set the whole country free
With Bailys and Nightrain
For the german revolution