Terra Naomi - My One Night Stand lyrics

I watched you sleeping
And I saw the very best in you
And that?s the reason
I keep calling you the way that I do

I know
You said
It was only
A one night
I guess
It was more for me

And I?m
Too dense to realize
Too star struck by your eyes
To see
That I
Was just a piece of ass
Was nothing that would last

My one night stand

And now I realize
Why I have not done this before
Not only for the fact
My therapist thinks I?m a whore

I told her I
Really thought that you were
For some guy
That I met online

It?s amazing how you changed your tone
Amazing how you lured me in with everything you said
Guess that I don?t understand the meaning of the word
Cause I just wanna be with you again?