Teresa Teng & Jackie Chan - I Only Care About You

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Teresa Teng & Jackie Chan - I Only Care About You lyrics

If I do not meet you,
where will I be?
how will I complete my day?
will I treasure life?
will I know someone?
will my days be ordinary?
I do not know if I will,
also have a sweet love like honey.

Let time fly.
I only care about you.
I'm willingly to be influence by the way you are.
How many times in our live we can get a close friend?
Loosing life strength is also not a pity.
So I beg you,
do not let me leave you.
Except for you,
I do not feel affection for anyone else.

If one day,
you say you are going to go away immediately.
I will be lost.
I will walk in the crowd.
I do not want any promise.
I only want to be together everyday.
I can not depend only on
pieces of memory to go on.