Tennille Amor - Simmy Yo lyrics

Living life in love and laughter
Breaking walls that cage me in
Earned some scars, been bruised and battered
By my so-called "best of friends"
Backstage lovers all up on me
Got no time for darker stories,
No more wasting energy
I've gotta do it my way!

(Ooo) Tryna figure me out
Looking me up and you're looking me down
But you don't know what to believe (Oh no, you don't know)
(Ooo) Think you've figured me out?
See it in your mind, how it's gonna go down?
You forgot, I'm not what it seems (Uh huh)

Simmy simmy yo, simmy simmy simmy yo (x3)
Simmy simmy yo, simmy simmy simmy

Finding meaning in my madness
Been a rebel with a cause
Re-defining "good" and "badness"
Stumble back when I get lost
Every time I fall I'm stronger
Getting up to run for longer
Opening my mind enough to
Paint the world in new ways


Simmy simmy yo, simmy simmy yo yo
Time to listen to the first of free verse that I'll flow
And I'm spittin just to let you let go of what you know
And to take you to the place you need to go
'Cause I'm coming through to challenge you
The things you believe
The first of the many tricks I've hidden up my sleeve
To get you to see that I'm not what it seems
Don't ever think that you really know me
Wise beyond years making careless mistakes
Try to deny my extravagent taste
Passion for love, the disaster it makes
But now you're trying to define what is right and what's wrong
Just 'cause I'm white makes you think I don't belong
On a song where I rhyme for a time and then sing
If that's what you thought, then it's time to re-think