Tenacious D - Special Thing lyrics

Lee: Well, me and K.G., yeah, we're going to sing
A little song about a few special things
Special things... talking special things.
Like when a friend gives a friend a helping hand
Helps his little buddy to understand...
That's a special thing
A very special thing...oh... take it J.B.

Jack Black: I hate to interrupt the thing
That Lee was singing about him and K.G.
Special thing... what do you think this is? Tenacious D 3-D
Oh, no, no, no....
Like when K.G. hits a tin cup shot... on Genesis golf (Tin Cup!)
That's a special thing (a special thing!)
Or when K.G. pops in Jenny Craig mac & chee
And hands it to me? That's a special thing (a special thing!)

Lee: Now 1 and 1, and 1 is 3
A rare occasion for life's triple D!
K.G., J.B., and Lee
K.G., J.B., and Lee
Now that's un special thing.