Temporary Basement - Trapped Between Two Moments lyrics

For each time I've offered you chances to make change
Both my hands you push away
Close my eyes against words intruding in their place
When you stain the things I have with grey.

Told your friends our secrets presenting only me
In a black light sight unseen
Then you chastise me just for going out each week
And just staying up with family

Every time that we fight apologize and say you're right
And every time that we drive won't want to stay the ride
Though I've been trapped between two moments time
I won't stay this time.

pessimist from birth, criticize but never change
You've attached to father's knee
Never worked at much, never knew a hardship week
Just the times your hand extends to me.

Worked around your schedule and burned vacation days
Gave you all effort free
watched my plans move on without the benefit of me
oh no longer will I wait to see

I refuse to give up the last of my good years
For someone whose view can't change
Instead of looking out, tried to work our problem in
Now I have to stop and break our ways

Someday when your chances come
I'll be the one you want for now.