Television - Goof Troop lyrics

H-H-H-H Hit it!
Like father, like son
You're always number one
Best buddies, best pals (Yeah!)
You always seem to work things out

Can't you see you're two of a kind?
Looking for a real good time
(Real good time)
Report to the Goof Troop
And we'll always stick together
(yeah!) We're the Goof Troop
Best of friends forever

Side by side where ever you go
We're always ready to roll

(Now gimme a beat)
We're the Goof Troop
And we always stick together
Oh, we're the Goof Troop
Best of friends forever

Now we're calling everyone
Come along and join the fun

Report to the Goof Troop!
Bob-a-loo bop boppa loo wop! Yeah!