Teen Heroes - Misery lyrics

When I saw your face, I wondered why it took so long
For an Angel to come blue on Earth and sing my song
Now you're finally here but not for long
And I'm left with no one provided
And I'm wondering where I went wrong

When you touched my arm
I knew I didn't want to leave
But you would kiss my cheek
So I smiled and then believed
That you always be right by my side
And so happy that way
But now I have to watch you leave

And what's even worse
I can't be hunting anymore
It's just like I'm cursed
And I don't know what I'm for
I'd like to be good, or great
Or even any other way
But the best I can get is okay

But I refuse to cry
I just throw up until I'm in tears
Because I've got your laugh
And you keep on sitting here
I wish you would call or write
I bet that you can't sleep at night
But I wish I could say the same for me

Can you sleep in my old bed?
No other place to rest my head
Nobody seems to understand
I don't know how to be a man

Come back angel
You're my angel