Technohead - Memories Of The Mirage lyrics

Sitting here waiting for the dark

Hoping that my love will embark

She's my girl she's my lover she will always give me cover when I need it

Standing here just out of reach

Looking for the Ebony Beach

I know it drove me crazy but my memories are hazy so I'll leave it

But I don't know if I can say what I mean

I don't know if I can fulfill my dreams

And I like the taste of a nice tangerine

I'm surrounded by whores but I'm being straightforward and I mean it

Sleeping in a dusty hall

Waiting for the Virgin to call

Think I could scream that if it's a dream it's a good one

Going for a nightly run

Thinking what needs to be done

Thinking of school and the apathetic fools when I stopped them

Watching them fade to black

Hoping that they don't come back

She laughed at my dreams and low self-esteem's what I don't need

Nothing is out of my reach

For I have found the ebony beach

And I sampled a part for this is the start of a new breed