Tear Da Club Up Thugs - Slob On My Nob lyrics

Slob on my nob ,like corn on tha cob
Check in with me ,and do your job
Lay on the bed and give me head
Don't have to ask
Don't have to beg
Juicy is my name , sex is my game
Lets call the boys , lets run a train
Squeeze on my n*** , lick on my butt
The natural curly hair , please don't touch

First find a mate , second find a place
Third find a bag to hide the whole face
Real name rover, I said bent over,
I started knoc ,then came the oder
Smelled like mush, shoulda had a wush
Told her to stop and take a dush
Once she did that , I didnt want the cat
So I bampt out , and never came back