Tea For Two - Skyline lyrics

(S. Weber/M. Schumpelt/J.O. Soerup)
maybe, one step away, though my eyes stick to the silhouettes
and I wish I could stay all the while in perfect time
night after night a smart pretty man with a courageous smile
not just making promises
I have a nervous restlessness as I watch them passing by
looking out the window I receive a glowing in the night
down there in the city like an ocean of light and noise
there's a pulse like a beating
like the beating of my heart
will you give me satisfaction
sometimes it might be a cold night
sometimes it might be a gate to hell
will you give me satisfaction
it takes control and slowly tears me apart
listen, I know they will never come back
the days when I move the masses the days when I shook all this hands
the sound of the city and it's shimmering lights
the blazing fire shining in between
will you give me satisfaction
soft and low but I'm not a shy one, pretty girls come in every size
not another moment to waste they're facing me and cry hellay
I'm dancing through the night with sensation, all my fears left so far
I'm growing, big and bigger - will you give me satisfaction?