Tayyib Ali - Put Ya Hands Up (2014)

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Tayyib Ali - Put Ya Hands Up lyrics

Put ya hands up!
Put ya hands up!
Put ya hands up!

Yo! These rappers is diss hype
I watch, though, I sip Sprite
Speak with yo bitch like
She love me, I just might
Pipe her, you knife her
You're 25 to life hurt
City of my (???)
Phillie put them bikes up
Grind like a bearshe
I'm who they can't be
Ball hard like Terry
These niggas can't stand me
New York is labels, the next day Miami
Cool in the daytime and night
Where my fans be
Keep stall, work of mind
Look at where the mouth be
Now, when I drop shit, er'body copy
And when I rock the album, I be selling out the stow
Young visionary and I'm selling out the show
Wow, you got a vision, you should get it out
Stop dreaming, while living, make a billion off a pistol
We should file a fucking issue from Philadelphia prices
It's the Penthhouse minute, nigga, that's how I get there

Put ya hands up
And if you're feeling as I'm feeling
Put ya hands up
Waving side to side
Put ya hands up
And if you finna make yo move
Put ya hands up