Tayyib Ali - Carmelo (2014)

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Tayyib Ali - Carmelo lyrics

Yeah, I'm from the city of crown
Had to grind out, chill and I shine, but it's ova
I smoke too much, that I should be a weed grower
Had the top back then, I though I told ya
I'm just a soldier, hustle how I'm 'possed to
Pull up n a pedal bike, treat it like a Rover
Around my way, everybody know me, young T.
That showin' up, guess that shit ain't what it seems
Tayyib Ali and rumble on the P, you can find me in the streets
And on the hill, smoking weed
Countin' hunits, stay blunted, niggas can't tell me nothin'
Cause I came from nothin', I was ridin', now I'm stuntin' by myself
I don't need nobody else
I'm just goin' to the sixtees game, homie, place yo bet
From the city where it's always sunny where I sit
Lookin' back to when I was just that lil' nigga on the step
Thinkin' back to when I was just that lil' nigga tryna rap
Yeah, I'm doin' it proper, stackin' figures, then count the check
Yeah, I'm watchin' the Lakers, at the boxes is where I sit
Now yo bitch tryna spot me, she tryna ride wit the prince
Yeah, I know that I'm the shit, give a fuck about the prices
Young buff, spendin' money round the world, sit with dirty cops
Young star, know we got it it, East Coast dominate
Respect my conglomerate, I'm outta here

[Hook] x2
Bet a whole world lovin' my sound
We came up, so you know it's goin' down
And a chick said she love my style
It's like a cycle goin' round and round

Uh, a lil' fame, er'body know that, so
Now I gotta watch my back grow
Let me breathe, what? This niggas don't want me to dream?
If I make it then we all succeed, at the door of my life
Ehe, why the fuck you toss my keys?! They wanna be lyrically Tayyib Ali
Breathe it in, but they be jockin' my sti, still
They, tell me to chill, you about to make a mill
I'm feelin' it, gotta believe smth, like er'thing got yo reality, be smth
A yungin, he seen them cops down out the streets commin'
No snitchin', I'mma keep frontin'
You know that, though, some niggas done turn they back, slow
But I'm back in the world, with new capsule,
Blowin' up on this assholes, feel this shit when I rap, though
It's all so close, inhale the smoke
I'm feelin' it, though, yeah