Taylor J - 1 Hunnit (2014)

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Taylor J - 1 Hunnit lyrics

[Intro – Taylor J]
1 hunnit 1hunnit, ain't worried bout nothin
Put trust in my struggle, we turn into somthin
No flexin, no frontin, cuz that ain't 1hunnit
No flexin no frontin

[Hook – Taylor J]
1hunnit 1hunnit, my niggas 1hunnit, my nigga 1hunnit
Put trust in my struggle, ain’t worried bout nothing, we turn into somthin
No flexin, no frontin, cuz that ain't 1hunnit
No flexin, no frontin, cuz that ain't 1hunnit

[Verse 1 – Taylor J]
Im tired of playin, nigga im tired of waiting
I hired my hustle, nigga I fired my patience
I wish you would hustle, don’t you get tired of hating
No I ain't playing, you can get it if you want it, imma give it can you take it
See I would probably be the property of state if I weren’t smoking on Jamaica
I got it on me right now, I turn my whole gang to the navy
A hundred niggas on a hundred, that’s 1hunnit, that’s a Benjamin Franklin
These niggas be flexin and frontin, and that ain't 1hunnit
G on it
Came aboard and niggas barely dream on it
A real nigga really wanna speak on it
Spatial tag, cocoa dot, beam on em
None of my niggas really need homies
We all 1hunnit but it double when the team on it
All I need is hustle in the struggle, I don’t need nothing
No flexin, no frontin, cuz that ain't 1hunnit
[Hook x2]

[Verse 2- Taylor J]
Im tryna see where I’m eating all day
Actin really hundred plus in my day
You wouldn’t know it if you seen it
You a motherfuckin duck and you a fake
You a sucker and you hate
I see the sucker in your face
Prolly runnin with the chakes
I need a hundred sandwich baggies like im hungry, but I already ate
I never run and I ain't frontin
Need a bundle like I already paid (Money!)
Look at anyone of my niggas, bet he thuggin, thought he ain't
Big mac, 45, 40 cal, oh my, only one arm or leg
You niggas real as a puppet, you move and you do what you say
You turn up and turn up, another man’s life on your Instagram page (That’s a shame)
And that ain't a hunnit
You should be ashamed (You a lame)
No flexin, no frontin
This Taylor, no way!