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, I said if we never get a chance to be together
, go with Jah, Tanya loves ya, wha me seh?
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Tanya Stephens - It's A Pity (Chinese translation) lyrics

ZH: 简介

EN: I said if we never get a chance to be together
ZH: 我说是否我们不会在一起的机会

EN: go with Jah, Tanya loves ya, wha me seh?
ZH: 与贾,谭雅去爱你,世界卫生大会我 seh 吗?

EN: Hook
ZH: 钩

EN: It's a pity you already have a wife
ZH: 可惜的是您已经有一个妻子

EN: and me done have a man inna mi life
ZH: 和我做过男子因娜 · 米生活

EN: rudeboy it's such a pity
ZH: 可惜的是这种 rudeboy

EN: I say it is such a pity you already have yuh wife
ZH: 我说这是您已经有裕妻子的遗憾

EN: And me have a one man inna mi life
ZH: 我有一名男子因娜 · 米生活

EN: rudeboy it is a pity, mm mm mm
ZH: 很可惜,m m m m m m rudeboy

EN: Verse 1
ZH: 诗 1

EN: I woulda like one of these mornings to wake up and find
ZH: 我会喜欢这些早晨醒来,发现之一

EN: your face on a pillow lying right next to mine
ZH: 紧挨着我躺在枕头上你的脸

EN: I woulda cut out the partying the smoking and the rum
ZH: 我会把聚会吸烟和朗姆酒

EN: and buss a extra wine and make we seal up a son
ZH: 布斯额外的酒和使我们的儿子封

EN: well everytime mi fantasize me see your lips me see your eyes
ZH: 好每次 mi 幻想我看到你的嘴唇,我看你的眼睛

EN: Your trigger finger do something a lef the rudegirl hypnotized
ZH: 你扣扳机的手指做 rudegirl 催眠左键

EN: For you it's just a thing, just another little fling
ZH: 你是一件事,只是另一个小小的激情

EN: But for me this is Heaven and the angel them a sing
ZH: 但对我来说这是天堂与天使他们点一首歌

EN: (Repeat hook)
ZH: (重复钩)

EN: Verse 2
ZH: 诗 2

EN: Fi buck you up inna public and cant even touch
ZH: Fi 沃尔沃你因娜 · 公众和不能甚至触摸

EN: It really fuck me up because me check fi you so much
ZH: 它真的搞我了因为我检查 fi 你这么多

EN: The respect weh mi have fi your woman fi your kids
ZH: 尊重尼山米有 fi 你女人 fi 你的孩子

EN: believe me rudeboy mi criss, a nuh matey this
ZH: 相信我孤单 matey mi criss rudeboy,这

EN: who knows? maybe one day the world will be evolved enough
ZH: 谁知道呢?也许有一天世界会进化不够

EN: we'll share you in a civilized manner between the two of us
ZH: 我们将以文明的方式,我们两个之间分享你

EN: But until then I woulda love see you again,
ZH: 但在此之前,我会爱再看到你

EN: Me know we have fi play it by the stupid rules of sin
ZH: 我知道我们有 fi 发挥它由单的愚蠢规则

EN: (repeat intro)
ZH: (重复介绍)

EN: Verse 3
ZH: 第 3 节

EN: So meet me round the corner, avoid Mitzy and Lorna
ZH: 所以接我绕过墙角,避免 Mitzy 和洛娜

EN: You know them a two of the biggest informer
ZH: 你知道他们两个最大的告密者

EN: I'm not starving for sex no, nah bawl out vex no
ZH: 我不饿坏性不,赫哭出凸无

EN: but the way how yuh flex really got my interest yo
ZH: 但怎样裕 flex 真的获得了我的兴趣哟

EN: ayou weh people see a no the you fa me loving
ZH: 维尼山人眼中没有你发我爱

EN: And the you weh deh with me go much deeper than skin
ZH: 尼山你代我去比皮肤更深

EN: I dont know exactly what it is you're feeling
ZH: 我不知道它到底是什么你的感觉

EN: But I wish this was a permanentthing yo...
ZH: 但我希望这是 permanentthing 哟 … …

EN: (repeat hook)
ZH: (重复钩)

EN: Verse 4
ZH: 诗 4

EN: Me know seh you belong to she, you know seh me belong to him
ZH: 我知道你属于她的 seh,你知道我是属于他的 seh

EN: Me wouldn't want you dis your queen, me woulda never dis mi king
ZH: 我不想要你 dis 你的皇后,我不会多稳定 mi 国王

EN: But when yuh play pon mi riddim and when me feel your base a swing
ZH: 但当裕 pon mi riddim 和发挥当我感觉到你的基地摆

EN: You lef me inna turmoil, you have me head a spin
ZH: 你左键我因娜 · 风暴,你把我头兜一圈

EN: It really mek me sad fi haffi waste so much water,
ZH: 它真的甲乙酮我悲伤 fi haffi 浪费那么多的水,

EN: I think the two o' we can mek a beautiful daughter
ZH: 我认为两个 o 我们可以一个美丽的女儿梅

EN: but it would be selfish to an innocent little youth
ZH: 但不是能自私的无辜青春

EN: Fi bring her come and cannot tell her the truth
ZH: Fi 带她来,不能告诉她真相

EN: We have fi tell her the truth
ZH: 我们有 fi 告诉她真相