Tang - Our Childish Behaviours lyrics

Wink, at the maddened skies,
Will, the drops to fall,
The end is coming near,
Yet nothing has begun.

Ignore the bursting clouds,
The rage of cats & dogs,
The freeze to a standstill,
Of our childish behaviours.

Your forehead shines,
Up to my mouth,
Hundreds of pearls,
Of white light,
Keepsakes and farewells to,
Our childish behaviours.

We grew aware,
Of these surroundings,
We made the most,
Of space and time,
And here we found,
Some brand new reasons,
To laugh out loud,
And wonder why.
Now come what may,
Between you and me,
Now come what may,
It's time to go,
Now come what may,
Come on now,
We've got to Catch,
The everflow.