Tampa Red - Singing And Crying Blues lyrics

I got a feeling which I never had before
Trouble and sorrow keep knocking at my door
But I have all to gain and nothing to lose

I must have got me passion of joy
What I go through with nobody knows
And yet I go singing and crying the blues

I'm just a lonely motherless child
Trouble and sorrows are driving me wild
But it will all be over after a while

I keep it trying but can't get nowhere
Aching with trouble and no one to care
And yet I go singing and crying the blues

No decent clothes and I can't have no shoes
Can't have no loving but yet I have the blues
So folks you see I ain't got no time to lose

My girl had quit me and she gone away
But I'm just hoping that she'll come back someday
And still I go singing and crying the blues

Why do my trouble lasts me so long?
I never bother or done nobody wrong
Ain't got no loving, ain't got no place for home

Soon I'll be lucky and it won't be long
With plenty of dollar and my gang of diamond stone
And then I'll be soon singing and crying the blues