Tamar Kaprelian - March Mornings lyrics

March mornings
You're like the song that makes my heartbeat
You wake me up to something bittersweet
Life's not the same, since I took your name
Oh, I'm loving March mornings
You're the letter I'm expecting
Like flower gardens waiting for the rain
You're a bottle of wine, getting better with time

And there's nothing that I'd rather do
Than to feel your morning light
I'm obsessing, over skies of blue
Baby it's true, that maybe it's you
You got me caught up in all that surrounds us
The love's in the game, but the game's not the same

When the night has the moon, I'm dreaming about you

March mornings
You're the like language that my soul speaks
You taste like sugar maples from a bee
You're the blood in my veins, You're my coat when it rains

Oh, I need March mornings
You're the chocolate my mouths craving
Like ballerinas floating off a stage
You're the words in my mind, You're my fate over time