Talib Kweli - Lord Of The Light (2015)

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Talib Kweli - Lord Of The Light lyrics

They're sellswords

We're willing to use blood magic to put you on the throne, but we're not willing to pay men to fight? I've never heard of visions and prophecies winning a war. Soldiers win wars. Soldiers on the ground. It's dirty on the ground

[Verse 1]
The night is dark and it's full of terrors
Where your heart, nigga, where your courage?
I was buildin' with the older guy, he said you act like you know it all
All praise to one true God
How you know if you alive if you don't got a few scars?
These cowards in power enforcin' these new laws
No respect for the poor people fightin' they wars
When I pull out my sword, put away lemon cake cutters
Keep my blade covered with the blood of the fakes
So just take daughters and they kill fathers and they rape mothers
They just make lovers out of their brothers for the great other
And it's dirty on the ground
Half of Flea Bottom never balls to the brown
Say it's all for the gold when the poachers come around
You can smell the dead way before the vultures come around
So [?] comin' back after the battle
Still gotta face the fear of the unknown
Daughters and they sons grown
Then they gotta explain why they been gone
Took a man from his family just to get home

Lord of light to ya'll
Lord of the light
Lord of light to ya'll
Lord of the light
Let's go, let's

[Verse 2]
Shadows are created by the light
So that's when we fight for our freedom
That's the battle for our lives
We stickin' out our tongue, we never fight
This why the arguments of the day is the violence of the night
Respect and fear ain't the same so they get it confused
See the vision when you're starin' in the flame
In this game of thrones, when you win you still lose
Cause your evil get a say when they chearin' your name
And they prayin' on your weakness
Cause they playin for keepers
And they slayin' all your leaders
Now your people face disease and famine
And fuck the king cause we famished
That's why the brothers that I roll with don't be waving no banners
Warriors for the cause and we raisin' a family
And when it's time to exact revenge
Have a son, come back from the dead
Look to the light yo
The protector of the realm and the citadel
Living in [?] while the rich people livin' well
I'm seein' they enjoying they seven Heavens
Almost like they forgot about the seven Hells

Lord of light to ya'll
Lord of the light
Lord of light to ya'll
Lord of the light
Let's go, let's