Talib Kweli - Distractions lyrics (Chinese translation). | Nowadays we be rocking glasses for fashion
, And fucking with life a fraction
, Covered in Max...
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Talib Kweli - Distractions (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Nowadays we be rocking glasses for fashion
ZH: 现今我们摇时尚眼镜

EN: And fucking with life a fraction
ZH: 和该死的生活的一小部分

EN: Covered in Max Factor, hustling ass-backwards
ZH: 所涉及的最大因素,拉客的屁股向后

EN: As sure as Hi-Tek look like Richard from Last Dragon
ZH: 作为确定作为喜 Tek 像理查德 · 从最后一条巨龙

EN: Your focus on bogus rappers got you caught up in distraction
ZH: 你假说唱侧重于让你陷入了分心

EN: Distraction. Who fucking who? Who cares? That’s distraction
ZH: 分心。谁他妈的谁?谁在乎?这就是牵引

EN: You wish it was you, don’t you — why you asking?
ZH: 你希望是你,不是吗 — — 为什么你要问吗?

EN: Try to break the law of attraction
ZH: 尝试打破吸引力法则

EN: Get a piece of my attention just a fraction of a ration
ZH: 把一块我关注的只是一小部分口粮

EN: Or a measly little morsel
ZH: 或微不足道的小小饼

EN: They suck your blood and you believe in the immortals
ZH: 他们吸你的血和你相信神仙

EN: We nocturnal like a sleeping disorder
ZH: 我们夜间喜欢的睡眠障碍

EN: See the water drawing away from the shore
ZH: 看看离岸边取水

EN: This ain’t no ordinary storm
ZH: 这不是没有普通的风暴

EN: We killing for a humanitarian cause
ZH: 我们杀害为人道主义事业

EN: But have yet to show up in Darfur
ZH: 但尚未出现在达尔富尔

EN: The Arab Spring is what it’s called
ZH: 阿拉伯之春是它叫什么

EN: But it’s looking like the pride before the fall
ZH: 但这看起来骄傲在秋天之前

EN: They say it ain’t about the spoils of war
ZH: 他们说这不是关于战争的破坏

EN: But turn around and tell you how much more the oil will cost
ZH: 但转身告诉你如何更多的石油将成本

EN: Steal the land from the Native American and call the missiles Tomahawks
ZH: 偷从美洲原住民土地和调用战斧导弹

EN: Make him a mascot, dress up like him for sport
ZH: 弥补他的吉祥物,衣服像他体育

EN: As a final insult to this beautiful culture
ZH: 作为最后的侮辱到这美丽的文化

EN: Scavengers, feasting on the dead like a vulture
ZH: 拾荒者,就像一只秃鹫死赴宴

EN: Snacking; how you keeping up with my rapping?
ZH: 吃零食 ;你如何追上我说唱?

EN: You barely keeping up with Kardashians
ZH: 你勉强跟上 Kardashians

EN: You caught up in distraction
ZH: 你在分心抓

EN: It’s the living proof you try to make the truth elastic as Mr. Fantastic
ZH: 这是活生生的证据证明你尽量让真相弹性作为神奇先生

EN: I’m recycling these rappers
ZH: 我回收这些说唱歌手

EN: Truthfully, these niggas is plastic
ZH: 说实话这些黑鬼是塑料

EN: Coming through the front door blasting
ZH: 来了前门爆破

EN: I ain’t talking bout them e-mails
ZH: 我不想说话怎么样他们的电子邮件

EN: That you always send to the masses
ZH: 你总是发送到群众

EN: That somehow end up in my trash bin
ZH: 那不知何故我垃圾桶在最后

EN: My niggas got the aim of sharpshooters and the hearts of assassins
ZH: 我的黑人有神枪手的目的和刺客的心

EN: All this war, all this life, all this passion
ZH: 所有这场战争,这一生,所有这种激情

EN: No time for distractions
ZH: 没有时间去分心

EN: Give a fuck if the President wear a flag pin
ZH: 如果总统穿国旗胸针,给他妈

EN: Rhyming is deep as holes Chilean miners are trapped in
ZH: 用韵是智利矿工被困在洞的深度

EN: Or the cracks in the earth under Asia Minor causing disasters
ZH: 或在小亚细亚下地球的裂缝造成的灾害

EN: My Deep cuts way above your minor infractions
ZH: 我深削减上面你轻微违法行为的方式

EN: Talk to rappers like children cause that’s how they acting
ZH: 说话说唱歌手像儿童因为那有如何他们行事

EN: They holding their hands like minors in traffic
ZH: 他们手挽手喜欢在交通中的未成年人

EN: The captains of industry and the lovers of status quo
ZH: 工业和爱好者的现状的上尉

EN: Have a deep-seeded fear of change
ZH: 有种子深怕变化

EN: For them it’s strange they wanna go
ZH: 对他们来说,奇怪的是他们想要去

EN: Back to the 50′s, they asking for a return
ZH: 回 50,他们要什么样的回报

EN: But them days is much blacker, for lack of a better term
ZH: 但他们天还很黑,没有更好的词

EN: We adapted to the times, but this culture we had to learn
ZH: 我们适应时代,但我们不得不学习这种文化

EN: Came about as natural as a perm on a pachyderm
ZH: 在厚皮类动物来了约一样自然作为烫发

EN: These fascists have had their turn
ZH: 这些法西斯主义者已经轮到他们

EN: We packing them German burners, them Lugers
ZH: 我们的包装他们德国燃烧器,他们鲁

EN: The next shooters is waiting for Superman, they get nothing but Lex Luthor
ZH: 下一个枪手正在等待超人,他们得到什么但莱克斯 · 卢瑟

EN: America’s nightmare, vivid as Fred Kruger
ZH: 美国的噩梦,弗雷德克鲁格一样生动

EN: Our heroes are dead to us
ZH: 我们的英雄们都对我们死了

EN: Spirit that bled through us
ZH: 通过我们流血的精神

EN: Endear us with the rythm so the flow is so foolish
ZH: 爱戴我们随着节奏,所以流量是如此愚蠢

EN: What you hearing is precision
ZH: 你听到的精度

EN: The people so thirsty, what they seeing is mirages
ZH: 所以渴了,他们看到什么,人就是海市蜃楼

EN: But a passion for Photoshopping and your YouTube collages
ZH: 但改社保卡的激情和您 YouTube 拼贴画

EN: Coming through like Collossus
ZH: 通过来喜欢Collossus

EN: Exposing the false prophet
ZH: 揭露假先知

EN: Taught how to do the knowledge so I’m never off-topic
ZH: 教如何这样做知识我从不关闭主题

EN: A lie is like a potion
ZH: 谎言就像一剂药

EN: First it gets you open
ZH: 它第一次获取你打开

EN: Then you swallow whole straight for the truth
ZH: 然后你吞下整个直的真相

EN: No chasers, skip religion and the politics
ZH: 没有时过境迁,跳过宗教与政治

EN: And head straight to the compassion
ZH: 和直接到慈悲的头

EN: Everything else is a distraction
ZH: 一切都是一种干扰