Tales Of Dark - ...of Grandiose Fevers And Passion Arcane lyrics (Chinese translation). | Reach the ancient heart of the stygian obscurity
, Wherein all the names of mine are written
, In...
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Tales Of Dark - ...of Grandiose Fevers And Passion Arcane (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Reach the ancient heart of the stygian obscurity
ZH: 到达幽暗的默默无闻的古老心脏

EN: Wherein all the names of mine are written
ZH: 我的所有名称都写入其中

EN: In pits profound,where festered dreams sigh
ZH: 在坑深刻,凡 festered 的梦之叹

EN: And longings scorched seek reason to return.
ZH: 憧憬焦土返回寻找原因。

EN: Admire the flame flowered mansions arcane
ZH: 佩服火焰花大厦神秘

EN: The sulfurous secrets gowned in rapture profane
ZH: 圆柱亵渎的狂喜中硫的秘密

EN: Fear not the fire of all-knowing wisdom
ZH: 恐惧不是全知的智慧之火

EN: Furiously burning with such ravishing splendour.
ZH: 狂怒地美艳冠冕堂皇地燃烧。

EN: On the wings of my most fervent passion
ZH: 对我最狂热的激情的翅膀

EN: Which the fools dare name blasfemia
ZH: 傻瓜才敢命名 blasfemia

EN: To thee I have returned from the heart-dead sunworms domain
ZH: 献给我回来从心死 sunworms 域

EN: A coffin-shaped lair they have woven around me
ZH: 他们有编织身边形棺材的巢穴

EN: For I've pledged no allegiance
ZH: 因为没有了效忠

EN: To their fabulous sacred theories
ZH: 他们精彩的神圣理论

EN: Those spurious servants of a crownless king
ZH: Crownless 王的那些虚假的仆人

EN: Who holds their cross in vain.
ZH: 持有其跨徒劳。

EN: No Phoenix phenomenon shall their fall contain!
ZH: 他们的失败应包含无凤凰现象!

EN: Leave their carcasses scattered and slain!
ZH: 离开他们的尸体分散和杀 !

EN: And now I'm visualised
ZH: 我现在很想象着和

EN: To blind-faithed eyes
ZH: 盲人 faithed 的眼睛

EN: Lofty and proud, to be recognized.
ZH: 崇高和骄傲的人,必须承认。

EN: As the mourning-scented bloodstorm winds
ZH: 为哀悼香 bloodstorm 风

EN: Of their final downfall blow
ZH: 他们最终垮台吹的

EN: Like a nightclad werewolf upon the moonlit glade
ZH: 像 nightclad 狼后了月光下的林间空地

EN: I shall hunt them down in the snow.
ZH: 我在雪中须追捕他们。

EN: ...and the frostbitten ground
ZH: … … 来冻疮地面

EN: now consumes their wretched gore
ZH: 现在消耗其可怜的戈尔

EN: My victorious hiss fulfills the oceans ethereal
ZH: 我胜利的嘶嘶声履行缥缈的海洋

EN: And the stars gleam nameless above
ZH: 与星光熠熠发光无名以上

EN: As shadows call forth the seas of Cthulhu
ZH: 如阴影呼唤海洋的呼唤

EN: Be wide awake my dearest
ZH: 被广泛醒我亲爱

EN: Of my fiery necromantic kiss!
ZH: 将吻我火热 !

EN: Thine arms soothing around me enfold
ZH: 你在我身边安慰双臂

EN: To cease my yearning cursed
ZH: 停止我思念的诅咒

EN: The sweetest witchcraft thy lips do hold
ZH: 最甜美的巫术你的嘴举行

EN: Can only quench my thirst.
ZH: 可以只解渴。

EN: 'Neath the enchantingly blazing corona of night
ZH: 在点位迷人的烈火冠的夜晚

EN: drown thy desire into mine!
ZH: 淹没你进了我的愿望 !

EN: With all the senses cast to a feverous grandeur
ZH: 与强制转换为 feverous 气势雄浑的所有感官

EN: In the sins of the flesh we entwine.
ZH: 我们缠绕在肉体的罪。

EN: Eternally...We entwine...
ZH: 永恒...我们缠绕...