Takida - Stay In The Rain lyrics

I don't see it will I ever find,
you always say I got a special mind
I never want it to be that way
I count my days from a better time,
I feel more certain I feel alive
I never been like I've been today
When your depth comes crawling, I don't wanna go back
I hear your whispers, your calling, I am stuck in time

My mind is failing on the other side,
I'm in denial I don't wanna die
I hope these pills, no, by gone by gone
I feel the strength with my special one,
when I'm with her I'm not ever down
When I'm with you, I'm not ever alone

Stay in the rain, I don't mind I wanna live
Hit by the pain, It's alright I wanna live

Whatever you feel, wherever you go
I'll be there beside you, I never let go