Taggiz - She Gone lyrics

You said I did you wrong tell me what did I do because I'm missing you plus I still love you...
You keep sayin I did something to make you go away well you tell me I need to know what maded you go away girl you complete me & every single way when I was out of town you'll hold it down you where my baybee I need to know what's going on ckuhhs now she's gone & I'm all alone

[Chorus: x2]
She's gone... leavin me she's Not comin back I can feel it beepin me what am I going do because I'm missin her I need another chance to make it up to her

She called me on the phone and said something was wrong we need some time apart soo I hung up my phone she called me back & said don'tae I'm a keep it real... you aways doing your music never show how you feel. I've never been in love I thought you understand she said I did at first but boy you could then she said byyyyyye then I said whhhhhhyyyyy then she said don'tae I've been hurt b4 & I don't wanna cry

[Chorus x2]

Now that's she's gone I know... know what I going do I can't think I can't sleep plus I'm stick in this groove I wish I could go back & do it all again it's a game but lost & I use-ally win I know I did you wrong that's why I sing this song I juhst wan't you to know tay won't never go NO way (because) I'm still lovin yuuuuu

[Chorus x2]