Taddy Porter - Shake Me (2010)

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Taddy Porter - Shake Me lyrics

Now you say that you've met my kind before
uh-huh uh- huh
Now excuse me if Im dying for a little more
uh-huh uh-huh
Now baby, what you do, what you do to me
I know, that you will, and girl
Sh sh shake me, you know she can shake it
b b brake me, you know she can take it.
I know, yeah, I like the way she moves
when she shakes me, when she shakes me
slow slow down .... slow, slow down
Now who do you think you're talkin too.
uh- huh uh-huh
Baby now you're sayin you want me too
uh-huh uh-huh
first you gotta show me what you can do
and I know, that you will
I know its alright, its all alright
you can say that its alright
I know its alright, its all alright...yeah
I need to see her move again
sotell me what to do.
its all alright
she all right, shes all alright
slow, slow down slow slow down