Tad Dreis - No Problem lyrics

Tell me what you plan to do
Tomorrow if it rains again
I could come and visit you
It's no trouble and I can

Tell the truth, I've been bored myself
Let me tell you about my day
No, I'm not worried about your health
You were strictly on my way

What a thought! As if I care
Tie the knot, I'll kick the chair
I'd laugh if you fell down the stairs
So how long you been lying there?

You know, I almost passed you by
But then I saw your neighbor smile
Didn't you say she had nice eyes?
She hadn't seen you in a while

Come to think, it hurt my pride
The way she only talked of you
Understand, I'm on your side
I won't call her if you do

It's your call, it's just a thought
Mind if I fall on your cot?
What's her number anyway?
-Fine, that's all you had to say

Well, there go my plans for tonight
I thought you'd like to watch the game
No, no, I'll be quite all right
Thanks for asking, just the same