TYuS - Somewhere In LA (feat. Shawn Harris) (2016)

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TYuS - Somewhere In LA (feat. Shawn Harris) lyrics

I be somewhere in L.A. (Los Angeles)
Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!

[Verse 1]
I pick up that table that went over for 5k
In the V.I.P., I'm trying to find Rihanna
Heard she got a thing for them dope boys
And I'm known for movin' that Columbiana
But I'm off that
Gettin' legal money, and it's off rap
Them mob ties, I forever have 'em
Let them niggas talk, I get 'em all whacked
In that all black, that's a 7 Series
Big body on the chrome midgets
And my dog Steve, he just fuckin' duck 'em
Yeah I'm takin' down all the phone digits
Cause I get to know 'em and I can't help
I make these hoes fall in love with me
I let your hoe do these drugs with me
Got Jack boys and the thugs with me
Cause they my brothers and they stuck with me
Through the hard times, now we all rich
I made twenty bands in as many days
To make it off the bock it ain't too many ways
We was shootin' J's over [?]
And Lord knows I ain't a ball player
Still I'm in the section with the ball players
And the pretty bitches, got 'em all sayin'
I'm that nigga
Fine ass young trap nigga
Seen the shit I do is for the bitches
But I still straight out-rap niggas when I feel like it
I ain't signed yet, but it feel like it
When I'm in the vert and the top down
With a freak bitch gettin' top down
Had to tell little mamma pull the top down
Cause I'm back to business
See them devil juice like: "dear Lord let me ask forgiveness" (oh Lord)
Cause I'm killin' niggas with success
Tryin' to make a mil and reinvest
Thirty for sure and nothin' less
I've been workin' nigga, I deserve it
Spillin' Ace of Spades on purpose

I see too many bad bitches in my section
My bitch ride for me, die for me, ain't no question
She'll do what I want, when I want and how I want it
So if I see a bitch I tell my bitch to get up on it
I don't know, I don't know what's going on right now
But I know that she goin' choose if you let her go right now
Cause she heard, she heard
That I was next up, 'bout to run the check up
I done glo'd up
Now they know what's up
I be somewhere in L.A
Puffin' on that OG, stayin' low key
About four bitches deep
And they all freeze, do it

[Verse 2]
I got these bitches on the Molly and the Percs
I got these bitches on the Xannies and the 'ye
I got these bitches on the Memphis city blues
I got them bitches on the Dade County digits (305)
I got them bitches eatin' out each other pussy
I jumped up out the streets and said it ain't no second lookin'
Remember in the penthouse, in the kitchen had it cookin'
I told my big bro Hefe: "Man I don't like how it's lookin'"
I came out to Miami, I was only seventeen
And fuckin' with them Haitians, witness shit I never seen
So shout out to them 'Zos and them Migos, them my niggas
And shout out to Lil' Rocket and Lil' Beezy, them my hitters
The finest I done live in Versace, put Margielas on the table
And that Ace up to the ceiling
Thank the Lord that I'm still able
Plus we poppin' and the bitches all fuckin' with us
We leave the club and the bitches all comin' with us
Oh oh oh